Coteau Reclaimed Wood Projects

Salvaged wood saves some of history. Yesterday’s buildings get new life when pieces of their structure are repurposed. Coteau Reclaimed formed from its owner’s love for creating something new out of wood that would otherwise have been discarded.

Why Choose Coteau Reclaimed?

Coteau (pronounced “Kuto”) Reclaimed is about more than selling old barn wood. Coteau Reclaimed recovers and restores wood from abandoned barns with three important considerations in mind: imagination, quality, and reliability.

Imagination is infused into every reclaimed wood furniture piece. The passionate team at Coteau Reclaimed collaborates on pieces once barn wood has been reclaimed in order to create unique pieces that truly stand out. The reclaimed lumber is then crafted into other purposes that fit into a modern space, such as furniture, pieces of art, and fixtures within the home.

Coteau Reclaimed takes every step to ensure that each of its reclaimed wood projects is of the highest quality and offered at the best price. This step includes carefully removing nails, power washing the reclaimed lumber, and at times, even treating the wood.

An aspect of barn wood reclamation is offering reliable service in both barn wood removal and in selling barn furniture. Holding true to honesty and transparency is a pillar on which Coteau Reclaimed was built and continues to conduct business.